Fall Apple Picking 2021

On October 9th, Hands and Voices sponsored an event at Indian ladder Apple Farms. It was a beautiful fall day and we had 15 families and over 55 people attend. Some traveled as far as two hours to be there. The kids enjoyed picking apples and afterwards we met at the farm where the kids enjoyed cider and donuts. Families and children spent time getting to know each other and it was great hearing a little first grader notice and say, “she has hearing aids just like me!” Some of the children live in rural areas where they do not have exposure to deaf peers. Families and kids also enjoyed seeing the many animals that they had on the farm and enjoyed petting and feeding them. Some kids decided to get tattoos and face painting as well. It was a successful event and fun day!


Donation is greatly appreciated to support our mission for the deaf and hard of hearing children and families in New York.

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