Parents of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children – Facebook Support Group

Hands & Voices of New York has a brand new space for parents

Hands & Voices of New York Facebook Parents Support Group

This group is for parents of Deaf/Hard of hearing children — a space where we can come together and support one another on the parenting journey.

  • All ages.
  • All communication modes.
  • All everything.
  • The goal: to connect families together. To connect Deaf/Hard of hearing children with one another.
  • We do have some rules…
  • You must be a parent of a child who is Deaf/Hard of hearing.
  • You must post with respect to others and have an understanding that we are all on different paths.
  • Loving kindness goes a long way here!
  • See you in the group!

Do share this link with other families you know.

Karen Putz, board member and social media admin.