Playdate and Petting Zoo (Kingston, NY)

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Event Summary: Families with deaf and hard of hearing children and their siblings met on Sunday March 24th at Play Haven in Kingston, NY. This event was sponsored by Hands and Voices and NY EHDI. The families enjoyed refreshments and a petting zoo set up by Hope Animal Rescue. Some of the animals families could meet included a pony, bunnies, chinchillas, goat, and a lamb! In addition to petting animals, families learned different signs for animals all together and received a complimentary copy of a book illustrating animal signs in ASL. 

Our group of families were joined by one ASL interpreter, one Teacher of the Deaf, and two Deaf adults. The Hudson Valley Hands & Voices events are open to professionals who work with D/HH children as well as D/HH adults who resonate with the mission “What works for your child is what makes the choice right.” This spring event was organized by Hands and Voices parent members Gillian Barnard, Kit Fraser, and Andréa Grieco.  Some photos of the event are below.

Challenges: This event went very smoothly, but the turnout was lower than expected. The main challenge was getting the word out to families and encouraging participation. That said, the smaller group and private event space allowed for more one-on-one conversations and meaningful peer support.

Successes: Play Haven continues to be a good event space for Hands & Voices events, offering both a fun, activity-filled environment for children and a private space that allows for more conversation and connecting between adults. The participation of professionals who work with D/HH children and Deaf adults is also a great success, adding different perspectives and advice to discussions.


Donation is greatly appreciated to support our mission for the deaf and hard of hearing children and families in New York.

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