Spring Playgroup 2022

Our first spring 2022 Hands and Voices event was a great success! We had 15 families attend! That included a total of 32 children and 23 parents! It was great to have an event where families and children could meet, socialize and just have fun!!! Special thanks to Lisa Audi, the founder of “Bring on the Spectrum” where our event took place. She generously hosted the event and gave our group access to the amazing indoor space to share for our gathering.

“Bring on the Spectrum” (Albany, NY) is a brand new, 6,000 square foot community space & sensory gym providing social, recreational and lifestyle activities for neurodiverse children, teens and adults.

More information about this AMAZING place can be found here: Bring on the Spectrum


Donation is greatly appreciated to support our mission for the deaf and hard of hearing children and families in New York.

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